World Environment Day: 4 Positive Actions We Can Do to Save Our Environment

World Environment Day: 4 Positive Actions We Can Do to Save Our Environment

04 Jun 2022

The World Environment Day is not just one day for us to remember and forget thereafter, but a duty for all of us to consciously remember about it throughout the year. This planet, where we are an inhabitant, should be protected from every possible challenge to make it worth living not only for us but also for the future generations.

The UN General Assembly in 1972 felt the need for some constructive actions so as to create a sustainable equilibrium between the environment and the human activities. After 2 years, in 1974, it decided to celebrate June 5 as the World Environment Day with an objective to ensure environmental improvement.

This is the day that makes us think about the importance of green and pollution-free environment. Let’s look at some positive actions that we should essentially perform for the sake of our planet.


What can we do to protect the planet from the bad impact of air pollution?

Maybe you must be asking this question to yourself – “What can I do alone to protect the planet?”

Actually, there are numerous people who wish to do something considering the impact of polluted surroundings. But most of them fail to take any action amidst their dilemma. Many people go out doing something not for the sake of the environment but sometime for cheap publicity and end up harming the environment more than what their positive contribution actually is. But if we think upon it, we will find some easy and effective things that can make a huge difference.  We, alone, have the capacity to start, and people will sooner or later follow you.

No action is a small step unless we do it with good intent, and every contribution matters in its own way. Here are some effective actions we can easily do on our own.


Reduce the use of plastic

Plastic is the most distinctive contaminant that affects our planet severely. We should start reducing the use of plastic in our daily activities. As per several scientific studies, plastic takes several years to break down, and for the meantime, it releases detrimental elements into the soil, which eventually seeps into groundwater or other surrounding water sources.

Instead of using single-use plastics, we should switch over to re-use plastics as much as possible, or paper bags would be a better option to think about.

Clean the air we breathe in to remain healthy

Air pollution is the 4th biggest threat to human health after high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking. It can lead to many chronic health concerns like lung cancer, respiratory diseases, heart disease, and others. The number of vehicles running on the road and the industrial gases and pollutants contribute immensely for the downgrading of the environment.

For individuals, reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants outdoor is impossible, but we can create a safe zone in home, offices, car, and other closed spaces. Use advanced air purification system like PetriMed CA APS-400 to remove all types of microbes and ultrafine particles. Fighting indoor air pollutants is now easier and more convenient with high-end air treatment solutions.


Make less noise

We also need to take control of the noise we make through transport, sound systems, electronic devices, etc. The increasing noise level can severely hurt our surroundings, including our health.

Proper water drainage helps reduce the chances of mosquito breeding

An inappropriate drainage system can create a breeding ground for malaria-transmitting mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria and it ultimately leads to severe health problems until it is managed and handled properly. With the onset of the rainy season this problem is bound to aggravate. Proper surface and subsurface drainage are required to remove excess water in a safe and timely manner which plays an important role in controlling water-related diseases.

Optimum usage of available resources:

Just because we have an easy access to the essential resources, it doesn’t mean we’ll waste it. Saving a little tap water or switching off the electricity to save electricity or avoid wasting foods are some of the small but vital steps that need to be practiced everyday wherever you are.

Remember that every small step makes a difference! 


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