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Science Behind Smog and Its Dangerous Implications with Solutions

10 Jan 2023

As the winter season approaches and the subsequent smog approaches, health experts have warned that respiratory related problems will inevitably rise for residents especially in Delhi and the National Capital Region. Delhi-NCR Air Quality Index (AQI) has been a point of concern for years together. 

"These unprecedented rains which we have received in the last few months in Delhi NCR have changed the temperature. Now, the early morning and evening are very cold which causes restricted movement of air. The fog and smoke have collected which has caused a sudden change in weather every year. For those who have asthma and COPD bronchitis, their symptoms have started increasing after smog and fog have affected the weather," said a news agency. Health experts said because of a spike in the pollution levels in the air, what would cause a younger and healthier person mild discomfort, can turn into a chronic and even fatal infection for an older person.

The changing weather is very difficult for those who have pre-existing respiratory diseases. Those who have asthma or allergies, tend to have more sneezing and allergic and asthmatic attacks. One of the reasons is that people continue wearing summer clothes unaware of the weather changes during morning and evening hours and thus get exposed to the cold.

Since COVID has taught us many lessons and wearing a mask is one of them, we can wear masks and mitigate some of the associated risks of smog. This habit can very well be inculcated among children and other vulnerable people.

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