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Poor Air Quality is Linked to the Loss of Pregnancy: Lancet Planetary Health

28 Dec 2021

A study published in Lancet Planetary Health reveals that the loss of pregnancy is largely linked to poor air quality. The study has implemented an epidemiological approach to check whether the increasing number of miscarriages is the result of the high concentration of PM2.5 in the atmosphere we breathe in.

The adverse impact of harmful pollutants on our health is no longer a mystery for us as a lot of scientific research has revealed how the increasing level of air pollutants can negatively affect human health by causing some severe diseases like asthma, cognitive disorders, cardiovascular problems, and others.  

The new report has indicated that the impact of prolonged exposure to poor air quality is also likely to lead to miscarriages or dead fetuses. It concludes that the women living in India along with other South Asian countries are more susceptible to such health problems.       

Besides this, Harmful effects of exposure to air pollution during pregnancy have been shown for different birth outcomes as well, such as lower birth weight, impaired lung development, increased later respiratory morbidity, and early alterations in immune development.

How Poor Air Quality May Lead to Birth Defects?

Particle pollution consists of several tiny components that can be highly harmful due to their direct penetration across tissue barriers and cellular membranes. The induction of tiny particles either in the fetus or in the immune cells may lead to the loss of pregnancy.      

Secondary impacts might cause the risk of long-term oxidative stress, leading to placental blood flow deficiency. The early developmental phase of pregnancy needs essential nutrients to make sure the fetus grows naturally without any defects.

What Health Expert Suggests?

Well, we can’t make the entire country pollution-free, immediately. It needs vigorous efforts of the whole nation. Albeit, certainly we can control and ensure the indoor air quality to prevent those described inevitable effects of air pollutants. As many scientific findings conclude that people spend more than 90% of their time indoor and the air quality, which can be worse than outdoor air quality, we need to take this quote seriously. 

Regular monitoring and controllable measures are necessary to check indoor air quality. There are sufficient scientific findings that indicated and suggested the uses of air filtration technology to ensure pure air at particular places home, schools, institutions, hospitals, corporative sectors, offices, etc. 

There are few good quality air purification systems available in the Indian market, especially the models, equipped with a medical-grade HEPA filter, UV-C disinfector, activated carbon filter, ionizer, are becoming the first choice of health experts. One can go for such air purification system to ensure pure breathing, at least at home and in workplaces. 

PetriMed CA Air Purification System is mechanized to trap and destroy 99.999% of air pollutants effectively. With high-end filtration technology, UV-C disinfector, and air Ionization, it is an ideal solution to the increasing level of air pollutants. For homes where secondhand smoke or gaseous pollution is a key problem, doctors recommend a high-end air purification system with advanced filtration technology.


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