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Pets Can Be One of the Major Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

24 Dec 2021

Pets are a lovely companion for many households, but unfortunately, they can be one of the major sources of harmful indoor pollutants. Pet dander, dead skin, and dirt carried in from the outside may trigger some symptoms related to respiratory problems.

What Is Pet Dander?

Pet dander comprises of small, even minuscule flecks of hair and dead skin released by pets or other domestic animals with fur or feathers. These tiny particles can affect the people suffering from allergic symptoms.  

Some allergens are triggered by the sources except small flecks of skin and hair. Saliva, urine, and other wastes released by pets can also be one of the major sources of allergens. The most common allergies are triggered by the Fel d I protein, released by cats, and Can f I & Can f II proteins, released by dogs.    

What are the Health Hazards Caused by Pet Dander?

Generally, pet dander causes allergies to human health, but the symptoms may be dissimilar in different cases. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the way how a person gets affected by allergens.

When the body’s immune system encounters foreign substances, it reacts to disinfect them completely. However, sometimes it attacks the substances that cannot affect our health unless we are allergic to the foreign substances. Unfortunately, the natural reaction process against the substances leads to more health problems.  

If someone is suffering from asthmatic problems, pet dander can be a more harmful substance for them. It takes no time to trigger the symptoms. In some cases, people start sneezing and coughing if they are allergic to the flecks of dried skin and hair. 

People may experience the following symptoms when they are surrounded by pets:

·        Sneezing & coughing

·        Itchy skin

·        Itchy throat

·        Nasal congestion

Those who have asthma can experience the following symptoms:

·        Difficulty in breathing

·        Chest pain

·        Difficulty in sleeping

·        Wheezing while exhaling

What Can You Do to Reduce the Level of Pet Dander?

We all are in love with our pets, but if you or your family members are allergic to the tiny pet dander, it is necessary to think about effective solutions to reduce the level of harmful substances. Some important things we can do to get the indoor air free from pet’s dead skin, hair, saliva:

·        Pet-free bedroom

·        Bathe your pets regularly

·        Keep cleaning your home frequently

·        Don’t allow your pets to walk frequently outside

Use Advanced Air Purifier for Home to Decontaminate the Indoor Air:

With evolving filtration technologies, home air purifiers are becoming more efficient to fight against the swelling level of indoor air pollution—but not every purifier is as efficient as you need to keep your home safe against harmful particles.

When it comes to capturing pet dander including other tiny particles, you should go for a fully-loaded air purification system to get rid of the harmful pollutants sourced from household products and pets.  

PetriMed CA Air Purification System is engineered to filter 99.999% of tiny particles including harmful pollutants. Unlike an ordinary air purifier for pets, it also includes a built-in air ionizer and UV-C disinfector to neutralize pet allergens.

If you wonder whether an air purification system can be effective against pet allergies, the answer is yes! It is high time to provide a pet allergen-free indoor environment to your loved ones to let them enjoy breathing clean air.


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